Dulaney Seed Rice

Guaranteed Red Rice Free Varieties Available for 2015 Season

  • Certified Clearfield 111
  • Certified Clearfield 151
  • Certified LaKast
  • Certified Mermentau
  • Certified Rex
  • Certified Cheniere

Have you had your rice fields in corn or soybean production the past few years?  Plant Dulaney Seed Red Rice Free Rice Seed to keep your fields clean.  Plant along the stewardship recommendations for 2 years of clearfield rice and 1 year of conventional rice.  Keep from introducing red rice into your fields.

If you use zinc on your rice we used a special polymer that is designed for rice to get 100% even coverage and increase flow ability and reduce dust off.

Ask us about our Replant Program on Rice for 100% Customers.

Rice Seed Production

Rice Seed is a key focus of our business in which we rely on our decades of experience in rice production and seed conditioning. Some of the high points in our rice production philosophy that allow us to produce Registered and Certified rice seed are:

  • Precision land-leveled fields
  • Strict crop rotation protocols where rice is planted every third year
  • Systematic in-season inspection, utilizing established rogueing lanes
  • Off-type plants are quickly removed by supervised and experienced labor; then examined closely before destruction
  • Strict adherence to fertilizer and chemical input programs that focus on producing a consistent, high-quality product
  • Careful harvest techniques are utilized to minimize seed damage
  • On-farm dryers are used to maintain high germination levels
  • Drying accuracy is monitored continuously by computer controlled fans
  • All production, drying, and storage equipment is certified by Mississippi Crop Improvement Association inspectors
  • We have a custom built 12 foot dodecagon gustafson treater with flip bars for even coverage of Fungicide, Insecticide and Zinc
  • We have an industry veteran seed plant manager to ensure all quality controls.