The Corn Top 7 That Drive The Highest Yields


  1. Have a plan for success, developed by your qualified team.
  2. Plant with impeccable standards.
    1. Manage residue
    2. Slow planting speeds
    3. Maintain 2-inch final depth from 2 ¼” planting
    4. Use row cleaners e. Plant into a firm seedbed
  3. Use safe herbicides – wrong ones routinely lower yield by 8–20 bushels.
  4. Shoot for a Net Effective Plant Stand rating of 90+ (high plant count and high full ear count).
  5. Manage your nitrogen and fulfill needs in the early, mid and late season.
  6. Manage fungicides – this alleviates stress and greatly improves standability, leading to higher yield.
  7. Harvest early – you’ll get more bushels and better residue breakdown from harvesting in September and early October. All of the above strategies and tactics only work to the fullest if you and your team believe that these extra things and higher standards lead to exceptional yields.

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