About Us

Our business is truly a success story. Dulaney Seed has gone from wholesale and production full circle to retail farmer seed sales.


Let me take you back to where it all began.  Our family has a century of farming experience here in the Mid-South, but Dulaney Seed got its start when brothers Terry and Edwin Dulaney started a seed company in 1991.  We established a business as a custom soybean, rice and wheat cleaning operation serving area farmers. From 1991 through 2004 Dulaney Seed engaged in production contracts and wholesale distribution with many companies such as Pioneer, Asgrow, Morsoy, Delta King, and Garst.

As that business slowed, we decided it was time to make a change and decided Farmer Direct was the way to proceed.  Through our network of seed partners we were introduced to AgVenture, Inc., the nation’s largest network of independently owned and operated regional seed companies.  We were sold on the way AgVenture goes to market.  So in 2004, we signed an exclusive agreement to market AgVenture corn and soybean products in Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and Tennessee.

Our new endeavor was not without challenge.  We faced fierce competition from rival seed companies who had been in business in the Mid-South far longer than we have.  Cotton was the predominate crop, and corn and soybeans were rotations.  So at first, markets were limited for our products.  We were a new brand in a new territory that people were unfamiliar with.

We decided it was time to differentiate.  We launched a new strategy to sell seed solely focusing on high yield agronomic practices and profitability.  We implemented our 300 bushel per acre corn strategy because we saw farmers leaving yield on the table.  You see, we know that if our customers are more profitable, our business benefits as well.  All companies selling seed have excellent products.  High performance products are table stakes in today’s seed marketplace.  We excel where we can make a positive impact on farmer’s bottom lines, by helping you maximize profitability on every acre.

Our 300 bushel strategy is now called our Maximum Profit System™ because we want farmers to increase profits on all of their other crops as well.

So let us come have an in-depth talk with you about your operation, your goals, and how our mutual goals can have synergy.

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